Jai Institute – Lessons Learned

Today is the first day in my journey in becoming a Peaceful Parent. What I know is that this work will do more than build a world of love and peace around my children. This journey will change my relationship with the world at large, and for that I am eternally grateful.

To help us to be reminded of the amazing lessons learned throughout our time together, this page will provide a brief outline of the Lessons Learned along the way. May these lessons remind us that everyday we are working together to build a better world for our children, and for ourselves.


  1. Take it slow – Sometimes when we look more closely at why we do what we do, our daily rush for success is really an obstacle to our progress. Without taking the time to slow ourselves down, we often end up becoming our own obstacles to really hearing what our children need. And believe me, many times our children are ready and willing to articulate what they want… but they need the time and space to do it. So take it slow and you might be surprised by how quickly things change.
  2. Be gentle with yourselves – while working to re-create our life as Peaceful Parents, please remember that we are human. Our intention is to operate from a position of love, but sometimes we miss the boat. So when we see ourselves making mistakes, take a minute to breathe and re-organize ourselves. Today we can and will make different choices and we will love ourselves just as much as we love our children.

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