L.O.L Pillars for Success

LOL Educational Mentorship (WORDLE 2014)

  • Wired for Success: Taking advantage of technological advances and today’s “wired world”, L.O.L provides unique, context-specific curriculum training for parents who homeschool their children of all ages.

  • Around the Clock Professional Development: L.O.L. provides a forum for Parent-Educators to ask curriculum questions, think through curriculum design, and negotiate current curriculum mandates used in specific contexts in one-on-one, small group, or large group settings.

  • Global Reach: L.O.L. services are available for Parent-Educators who homeschool their children around the world, facilitating global discussions, workshops, and Webinars on key educational topics.

  • Community Touch: L.O.L. services include helping Parent-Educators capitalize on expertise in their communities by providing unique, context-specific projects based on L.O.L. fieldtrip options. Projects can be completed individually or with other young people who are homeschooled across the globe. Ultimately, the choice is yours.