Parents for Racial Justice

A resource guide by Dr. Laura Mae Lindo for parents working to create racial justice in a racist world…

Thank you for joining Parents for Racial Justice where we work together to surround our children with all the love they need to thrive in spite of the realities of systemic racism. 

Talking to our children about racism is not easy, but together, we can take at least 2 important steps:

  1. Build our Racial Justice Toolkit: This page will provide you with book reviews of children books that have helped me to speak to my children more openly about what race means in today’s world and how racism has impacted on the lives of so many communities. Please email the author and title of books that you have used or that you are thinking about using and I promise to review them and add them to the site for others to share.  
  2. Speak Honestly about Racism: With 3 children at home and a Masters and PhD in Education, I have used a lot of books to help me develop the skills to speak honestly and openly about what race means in todays’ world and to speak openly with my children about the fears, challenges, and anxieties that come with learning to recognize our fight for racial justice means that racism exists. I will share with you some of the conversations that my children have had along the way, the books that have resonated with them and those that have not as well as the ones that have become classics on our bookcase at home. 

Thank you in advance for joining this important conversation. 

With love, light and healing,

Dr. Laura Mae Lindo