It’s Been a Long Time… But It’s NEVER Too Late!

So much has happened, and so much has been learned.

I’ve learned that my life is really all about my story. And I’ve learned that if it’s true that my life is all about my story, than I’m the protagonist. And I’ve learned that if I’m the protagonist, than I am destined to win.

So that’s why I’ve signed back on. To share this amazing news. And it just keeps getting better…

Because in YOUR life, it’s all about YOUR story. So YOUR the protagonist and YOUR DESTINED TO WIN, too!

I’ve learned this through learning about Peaceful Parenting…

I’ve learned this through learning to help others engage with Difficult Conversations…

I’ve learned this through teaching about the Law of Attraction.

And I’m  here to share these insights with you. But while I share, I also want to “keep it real.” None of these lessons have come easily. I’ve messed up, just like you. And I’ve been knocked out and felt discouraged. But even during those moments, I have learned that I am the master of my life’s story, and so I can choose how long I stay down and when I’m ready to get back up.

What I desire more than anything in this world is to share these insights with you today. 

As a testament to my desire to work with you, I am taking the 10-week challenge.

For the next 10 weeks I am going to share 1 insight in my new course “Storytelling… A Model for Success.” If you’re interested in learning more, get in touch.

I’ll be waiting for you at “The End”!


With Love, Light & Healing,

Laura Mae.