When the Universe is Calling for Change…

Something’s not working…

The family has entered into a new phase and the old methods are no longer working as effectively as they once did.

There are long faces (parents AND children!), drooping shoulders, and unpleasant conversations that leave all of us feeling drained.

Yes… there’s a new baby in the house.
Yeah… mommy’s attention has been re-directed.
Yup… everyone is feeling the energy of life’s changes.

But I have been taught not to give up. I have tools and I have tips and I have laughter… and I’m ready to use them!

To my support network – new and not so new –  as I create a new approach to strengthening our relationship… as I learn and re-learn all that I have been trained to do…

Cover me!

I’m going in.


With love, light & healing,

Laura Mae.


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