Parenting Manifesto

Calling all like-minded parents!

Join me today as we commit to making Peaceful Parenting a reality.

A Peaceful Parenting Manifesto:

  1. I will go easy on myself: Peaceful Parenting is a process and no matter how committed we are, change will not happen over night. We all need time to settle into the new groove of Peaceful Parenting. So be good to yourself! Invest in self-care, remind yourself of how amazingly well you are doing, and never forget that if you are reading this, you have already taken your first step in becoming a Peaceful Parent.
  2. I will set aside judgment when communicating with my child: Peaceful communication cannot grow on a foundation of judgment and criticism. Your commitment to set aside judgment will open up the possibility for understanding your children’s reasoning and will provide insight into how you can help.
  3. I will approach my children with curiosity and wonder: This new lens through which to understand your child”s behaviours will help you continue to authentically connect with your child.
  4. I will not be afraid of my limiting beliefs: Finding out what triggers you is key. Committing to looking inside of our selves and figuring out why we do what we do will allow us to break through our fears and become a Peaceful Parent.
  5. I will set aside self-judgment: Letting go of that critical voice in our head – the one that provides harsh criticism of our parenting choices – is an important step in becoming a Peaceful Parent. Re-framing our “mistakes” into”learning opportunities” can help us move forward in more pro-active ways.
  6. I will strive to be “okay”: Aiming for perfection is impossible. No perfect parent exists. So let’s aim to be “okay” and let’s have a great time while we watch ourselves meet that goal again, and again, and again!
  7. I will make time for play: Play can be fast, simple, and the best tool for connecting with your children. Committing to play will help build communication and provide a “way out” when things get rough.
  8. I will clarify my family values: What we value as a family can be supported as a family. Take the time to work together and settle on your family’s top 5 family values. With those in hand, helping to realign behaviour to meet the needs of your family will be much easier to do.
  9. I will review my family values with the family regularly: This will allow younger children with a gentle reminder about agreed upon values – a reminder that is not always tied to their struggles with “Big Feelings.”
  10. I will surround myself with like-minded parents: Building a community of support is an important step in becoming a Peaceful Parent. Your community will be your resource when things get tough, your cheerleaders when you’re feeling down, and your support network when you’re ready to celebrate your successes.

Welcome to the team!


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