Step 4: The Answer Is Always YES! Shifting Limiting Beliefs

Can we shift our limiting beliefs?


The answer is always yes!

Do we always know recognize that we are operating on a limiting belief? Well… that’s where the hard work comes in.

What makes shifting our limiting beliefs difficult is that the ones that are having the largest impact on us are often unconsciously held. In my own life, for instance, I know that self-esteem can be an issue. I know that where others might take a leap of faith, I might shy away from the challenge, worried that I am not smart enough, good enough, or capable enough to achieve great success. And for a long time I worked on creating and reciting positive affirmations to help change that self-perception. It was not until I was introduced to the Quantum Mindshift meditation that I realized that the tools we select to help us shift our limiting beliefs must be strong enough to meet our unconscious minds head-on. Until that time, only superficial changes can take place, and in no time we will find ourselves back to our regularly programmed patterns. In my life, the affirmations were created based solely on what I could see as limiting beliefs. And, often times, whatever the belief was that I held that was troubling was challenged through my affirmations by repeating the opposite. For example, when I grew tired of being in debt, I saw that I spoke of my debt more often than I spoke of my wealth. And so in no time the affirmation was created to help guide me to financial abundance: “I attract wealth and prosperity to my life” became my mantra each morning while getting ready to begin my day and each evening as I prepared to put my weary body to bed. But one question remained – why was I in debt? What was happening that kept a young, creative, and bright woman with her doctorate in hand from living a life of financial prosperity? And it was the Quantum Mindshift Meditation that provided me with the ability to relax my body and allow my mind to help me work through my personal history… to tap into the belief pattern that was operating at an unconscious level and always keeping me in a cycle of debt.

So what was the unconscious limiting belief? That it was all in my head – all the praise I had received, any positive response to an idea I proposed – it was all in my head. I had programmed myself to believe that my ideas and approach to sharing my ideas with others was a failure even before the work was presented. And so it only made sense that my affirmation – “I attract wealth and prosperity to my life” – was also bound to fail. Because, taken from a different angle, I was actually unconsciously asking the universe for failure so that my limiting belief “It’s all in my head” could be true! The universe always responds to our deepest desires, and in this case, it was no different. So I had to be ready to let go of this limiting belief and replace it with another belief that would bring my mind, body, and spirit to a new level. But even that had to come from a different level of awareness within me. It was not a matter of substituting this idea with its opposite (e.g., “It’s not in my head”). It was about finding a new pattern of beliefs that would bring to me exactly what I wanted – financial wealth through a fulfilling career. And so, during the meditation when “I am a natural born leader” appeared to my consciousness, it just made sense. It was my belief in my ability to lead that would bring me the wealth that I would seek. And as I reconfigured my beliefs, my beautiful affirmation – “I bring wealth and prosperity to my life” – finally had a chance to be realized in my life.

In the days and weeks that followed, I felt like there were moments where I lived as if in the third person. I watched myself engage with my children, my students, and my colleagues on both my old and new belief. At times, when I was unable to accept a compliment for my work, I recognized “It’s all in my head” and tried something new. The old me would laugh off the compliment, making up some reason why the work was not that great and re-focusing their attention instead on what they had contributed to the project. The new me acted as a natural born leader: “Thank you. I really appreciate that.” It was a simple, yet glorious shifting of beliefs. And, as if by magic, contracts that had been left in limbo, payments owed to me that had been delayed, and new career prospects that were on the horizon came my way.

Because I am a natural born leader, wealth and prosperity are brought to my life. And, with grace, dignity, and unwavering gratitude, I accept these each and every day.

I don’t think that we spend enough time really considering the importance of tapping into the unconscious mind. I have read that human beings only use a small percentage of their brain’s power. The bulk of what our brain is able to do is left un-tapped. I tend to agree with Bruce Lipton and advocate for a merging of traditional biology and quantum physics to better assist in understanding and achieving our true potential. And it is in trying to figure out how to connect to the unconscious patterning in our minds that real change can take place.

And so today I am committed to the step prior to shifting my limiting beliefs. I am committed to uncovering what they are and, with that knowledge, acknowledging how they affect my decisions, behaviours, and beliefs right here, right now.

With love, life & healing,

Laura Mae.