Step 3(a): The Quantum Mind Shift That BLEW MY MIND!

I knew that I was stalling… procrastinating, if you will. But I also knew that this was a “normal” response. I had access to the meditation, but I was scared to go there. But guess what? When we are presented with an opportunity to be great, we often take a moment to receive that gift. I can easily imagine the internal dialogue that many of us have gone through:

“So, hey… you there. I’ve got something that will really blow your mind!”

“Sorry, are you talking to me?”

“Yeah… you. I mean, this is going to blow your mind! Turn you into a whole new person. Make you experience life on a level that you never imagined possible.”

“Wow. That sounds great. But are you sure you have the right person? I’m pretty stuck in pattern of thinking that feels really comfortable right now, you know what I mean?”

“Are you serious? I mean, you have the opportunity to turn your world upside down and you’re trying to justify your old patterns? This is going to blow that out of the water, man! This is the ultimate experience. Come on… just take a peek would ya’?”

“Well, I’m a little busy being angry. Can you come back tomorrow?”

I recognized this a little earlier. It was in a Jay-Z song when he made simple for the fans: “Just let me be great.” And that’s what the Quantum Mindshift did. It just let me be great!

This meditation allowed me to find and face a limiting belief. I was small and nobody heard me. As I was led through various sounds and asked to enter into the feeling, I began to recognize that there was something else there. This limiting belief was holding me back. This limiting belief was also blocking my throat – making it hard to breathe – and closing my belly – making it hard to conceive. And this limiting belief no longer made sense. I was a natural leader and I was strong. The new belief grew larger and enveloped my spirit. I could feel the weight of the gift I was being given. I could feel my energy pulsing through my veins. The new me – a me who was rooted in where I had been and how far I had come – was ready to make its appearance. The new me was here.

The Quantum Mindshift blew my mind. And I offer this gift to you. Take a minute to be curious about what holds you back, to recognize that our own mental roadblocks are stronger than anything someone or something outside of us can do to stop us from becoming great. And then, listen to our spirit. It begins quietly, whispering to you before it expands and grows and envelops you and all that you do. And, most importantly, it allows you to trust in your greatness.

With love, light and healing,

Laura Mae.