Intro: The Art of Peaceful Parenting

I must admit, I never saw myself as a “Mother.” My own experiences with my mother made this difficult. So I grew up spending a lot of time thinking about what I would not do – “First off, I will not have children. Secondly, if I did have children, I would not do to my kids what I had done to me. And thirdly, I will NOT have children.” So when the children came into my life, I was anything but prepared. And as I followed my personal journey through learning and living life based on the principles of the Law of Attraction, I began to see why.

To begin, my work with the Law of Attraction taught me that what we feel the most emotionally, we call to us with greatest urgency. In other words, the more I worried, feared, felt nervousness and anxiety about parenting, the faster I would become a parent filled with worry, fear, nervousness and anxiety. Having called that into my life, it was only a matter of time before all I did not want to happen would come to pass.

But the universe never leaves you in dispare. There are always options, and there are always ways that we can change negative situations into positive growth experiences. And when I decided that enough was enough, and that a life with my two young ladies was glorious, enlightening, and filled with love, an amazing opportunity presetned itself. The Jai Institute fell into my (virtual) lap, and I began to re-write my parenting journey at lightening speeds.

Developed to help us better understand why we do what we do, this blog reflects my journey in all its transformations. The intention is to help others jump-start a new way of being-in-the-world of their children (or any children, for that matter!) that is based on a philosophy of reciprocal respect and authentic love. And while I will share a personal story of my own parenting with you as I re-create who I am as a mother, my ultimate hope is that together, we will be able, willing, and ready to re-define the role of parenting more generally until it becomes onlly natural to parent for peace.

May the universe continue to whisper in your ear every day, and may we all learn to trust that we are exactly where we need to be to become the amazing people we are destined to be.

With love, light and healing,

Laura Mae Lindo.


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